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    Hi everyone and welcome to Express the Experience, an extension of the City of Refuge blog. Here you’ll see posts written by interns, volunteers, and guests at City of Refuge Ministries (COR) about the things we encounter and learn during our stay with the organization. We hope each of our perspectives can shed some light on the issue of child trafficking for you and point the way towards how to stir change.

    First, let’s talk about who City of Refuge is.

    City of Refuge is an international NGO registered with the US but based in Ghana, West Africa. They work to rescue children that have been enslaved in fishing communities along Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake in the world.

    These children are abused, malnourished, and deprived of their freedom and childhood. The lake they work on is teeming with bacteria and parasites so many of them have developed health issues and deformities from prolonged exposure to the water as well as lack of healthcare. They not only fish in these waters, but drink, bathe in, and go to the bathroom in it. On top of that, their meals often consist of gari (a powder made of pounded cassava) soaked in lake water.

    When City of Refuge rescues these children, they immediately receive thorough medical attention. Afterward, they are brought to the NGO’s Freedom Centre, a children’s home in Doryum, Ghana, where they are sheltered, cared for, nourished, and formally educated alongside other children that have been orphaned and abandoned by their families. Here they are free to play, learn, and grow, as every child should be.

    We all know everlasting change doesn’t spring up overnight. City of Refuge addresses the issue of child trafficking from a holistic approach. They implement a bunch of other programs to help end child trafficking in the Volta region.  That is why they not only save children from their enslavement, but also work within the Volta communities to educate them and help them see that child trafficking is unacceptable. Over time, we hope to see a paradigm shift in these communities so that they see the  children as the blessings they are instead of as a source of income.

    Please join us in our journey to liberate the trafficked children of Ghana!


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