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    kids lined up

    Children lined up for the feed in Doryum.

    Hi everyone!

    This past Friday was super busy. We held a “feed” in the City of Refuge front yard for all the kids in Doryum to come have a healthy, nutritious lunch. About 300 children showed up! They were eager and excited to get some food as well as interact with all the obruni volunteers. “Obruni” is a Ghanaian term used for foreigners.

    This time around, the obrunis  were friends from YWAM (Youth with a Mission). They’re students spending a couple of weeks volunteering in Ghana to complement their bible studies. Everyone played a different role in the “feed”. Some helped serve food, others monitored the lines, distributed water, and played games with the children. Even the Freedom Center kids wanted to help! They directed the kids that weren’t proficient in English in the local language (Twi, I believe) and kept track of how many kids we had fed throughout the program.

    Entertaining the kids while they wait for their turn.

    We also had a visit from an American family which was adopting a child from a nearby orphanage. They donated a ton of supplies to City of Refuge –crayons, colored pencils, notebooks, dresses –you name it! The kids were extremely grateful! They were so excited about the new supplies that right after the “feed” was over they put the crayons to use with their coloring books.

    All in all, it was a great Good Friday for everyone involved. Let’s see what this upcoming Friday has in store for me next.

    Handing out food!


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