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    Here are excerpts from the Y-Gap program “LifeLink” from the Volunteer Blog. Check them out! Y-Gap has been such a great addition to our City of Refuge family and their volunteers have been so influential in the kids lives. Here are there stories:

    Week One: By Anthony and Jess –
    “As group one walks into Accra airport after some 24 hours’ worth of flights, we are greeted by the backbone of CORM (City of Refuge Ministries)-Johnbull and Stacey Omorefe. There’s no awkward waves or stuttered introductions, it is warm hugs all round. We only just met these people, but we all had the distinct impression that we would be warmly welcomed into the CORM family for the next fortnight and beyond”

    Week Two: By Louise –
    “I arrived in Ghana late Saturday evening and was excitedly reunited with the CORM family early Sunday morning. I was greeted by many new faces however I instantly felt at home. Having spent two years working on the Ghana project since the last YGAP trip, I was overwhelmed to have finally returned”

    Week Three: By Carliye –
    “Good morning Ghana trip 2011. Feelings of excitement mixed with anticipation, what was going to be install for me, what was I going to see, feel, be exposed to…… would it change me? Will I still be obsessed with shoes?”

    Week Four:
    “Armed with a deeper understanding of the consequences of child trafficking for the children of the Lake, we approached day two, which took us the heart of the preventative work that CORM undertakes throughout the region. First stop, however, was the home of the Chief of the Village to formally introduce ourselves and highlight the purpose of our visit. Committed to working with CORM to end the practice of child trafficking, the welcome was warm and unexpectedly relaxed – an invitation by a village chief to indulge in a 9am shot of homemade gin or whisky would have been rude to refuse – and we at YGAP are nothing if not polite.”


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