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About Us

This blog is an extension of City of Refuge Ministries (COR), a registered non-profit NGO.

Here you’ll see posts written by interns, volunteers, and guests of City of Refuge Ministries about the things we encounter and learn during our stay with the organization. We hope each of our perspectives can shed some light on the issue of child trafficking for you and point the way towards how to stir change.

City of Refuge, created in 2006, was founded to reach out to the trafficked, orphaned, and abandoned children of Ghana, West Africa. We care for children that are marginalized, promote an understanding of the value of every child, create opportunities for community change, and increase awareness of the issue of child trafficking. It is a registered 501c3 organization in the US and a registered NGO in Ghana.

COR sees the issue of trafficking in Ghana in two distinct ways, through “sending communities” in which children are purchased (usually from single mothers with little means to take care of their children) and in “receiving communities”, where the children are taken to work. Because of these two sides of child trafficking, City of Refuge seeks to not only rescue trafficked,  orphaned, and abandoned children, but to also educate, discipline, and create sustainable jobs for both the sending and receiving communities of Ghana. Through these multiple approaches, they hope to create a paradigm shift that will eradicate slavery in in both communities.


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